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Welcome to the Ozarks Genealogical Society!

Founded in 1969, OGS has been the premier resource for genealogical research and learning opportunities for almost fifty years. Our members have access to the full spectrum of assistance such as annual research trips, monthly workshops, a fall conference featuring a nationally known speaker, and so much more.

The OGS library is notable for its collection of regional and county records covering southwest Missouri. You will find volumes of county vital records, county and regional histories, and bound periodicals and newsletters. There are numerous special collections of donated family research files. You can search over 160 indexed OGS publications of probate, census, cemetery and funeral home records from Greene County and surrounding areas. We have completely searchable files of all Greene County cemeteries, over one thousand pedigree charts submitted by members, and over 60 thousand Ozark's obituaries. Most importantly, you will find helpful volunteers to assist you in your searches.

OGS also offers numerous educational opportunities for our members and the general public. Whether it is our day and evening workshops, the informative newsletters or our annual conference, you will find an opportunity to share with and learn from other family researchers.

Please explore our web-site for more about the Ozarks Genealogical Society and the many resources and opportunities available to our members.

OGS Fall Conference

"The New England News"
Imagine a trip to New England to experience the Fall foliage! Well, there won’t be leaves, (only ancestral trees) but you’ll be able to envision small New England towns as Michael Leclerc reveals the unique New England town records and how to find them at our Fall Conference, September 9 & 10 at the University Plaza Convention Center.

The 1636 New England newspaper, “The New England News”, tells us Michael will explain how the New England states are different from the rest of the country. He will teach migration movements, key repositories and collections, and he promises some hidden treasure!

You may mail the registration form in the brochure or register with PayPal on line. Click on the links in the sidebar to learn more. You won’t want to miss learning about the New England immigration and migration. Mark your calendar for September 9 and 10!

August 27
OGS Research Day
Need assistance with finding an ancestor.  Come to the Library Center and ask Linda Chesbro to help you dig a little deeper in your family tree
September 9
Don'r forget to register.  You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to learn more.
September 21
Descendants of Abraham Lincoln
Hal Funk, local expert on Abraham Lincoln will explain there are no true blood descendants of the Lincoln family living today. The Lincoln Family history is marred by tragedies and scandals.
October 3
Building a Genealogy Website using TNG
TNG The Next Generation:  Patti Hobbs CGS and staff member of the library will give an overview of the installation process and the functionality of this versital software for sharing your genealogy on the internet. ...