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Founded in 1969, OGS has been the premier resource for genealogical research and learning opportunities for almost fifty years. Our members have access to the full spectrum of assistance such as annual research trips, monthly workshops, a fall conference featuring a nationally known speaker, and so much more.

The OGS library is notable for its collection of regional and county records covering southwest Missouri. You will find volumes of county vital records, county and regional histories, and bound periodicals and newsletters. There are numerous special collections of donated family research files. You can search over 160 indexed OGS publications of probate, census, cemetery and funeral home records from Greene County and surrounding areas. We have completely searchable files of all Greene County cemeteries, over one thousand pedigree charts submitted by members, and over 60 thousand Ozark's obituaries. Most importantly, you will find helpful volunteers to assist you in your searches.

OGS also offers numerous educational opportunities for our members and the general public. Whether it is our day and evening workshops, the informative newsletters or our annual conference, you will find an opportunity to share with and learn from other family researchers.

Please explore our web-site for more about the Ozarks Genealogical Society and the many resources and opportunities available to our members.

Comprehensive Land Workshop

Comprehensive Land Workshop

12 November 2016

Boulevard Baptist Church

1030 S Eastgate Ave, Springfield, MO


For genealogists, the importance of researching land records can not be emphasized too much. More challenging than other records to locate and understand, land records can be among the most rewarding. Not only are relationships discovered, but you will gain greater understanding of your ancestors’ lives. Join us for this day-long comprehensive workshop on researching land taught by Barbara Jensen and Patti Hobbs, CG®. 


8:30-9:30: A History of Land in the United States

9:45:10:45: Locating State Land Grants

11:00-12:00: Understanding Metes & Bounds Land with Case Studies

12:00-1:30: Lunch -- Plan to eat at one of the area restaurants or bring your lunch.

1:30-2:30: Federal Land Grants and the Rectangular Survey System

2:45-3:45: Finding and Using Deeds in Your Genealogical Research


There is no cost, but registration is required. Sign up by clicking here, emailing plhgenealogy@gmail.com (include name and phone number), or by printing off and filling out the following for mailing. 



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Mail to:  Ozarks Genealogical Society, Inc., P O Box 3945, Springfield, MO

November 3
Member Orientation
Members have many benefits including the use of the OGS Library which houses valuable research resources.  
November 3
Member Orientation
Members who cannot attend the afternoon meeting are invited to the 7:00 PM meeting.
November 7
My favorite unique ancestor is...
A panel of OGS members will introduce a special ancestor in their family.  They will provide details on how they discovered this particular person and why this is their favorite ancestor.  You are welcome to ...
November 12
Comprehensive Land Workshop
See home page for full description and registration details. 
November 16
Memorial Service
A special Memorial Service for OGS members or family members who have passed away during 2016.  A time to honor and pay respect to these friends and family.