Presenters:  Micki Dischinger, Librarian

Melba Rector, Education Chair & Book Acquisition Committee member

Doris Wilson, Library Volunteers Coordinator

OGS LIBRARY – Where is it? When is it open? Who can use it? What resources are there? How do I find the treasures?

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  • PERIODICALS Current issues on special shelf under New Books. After binding, they are shelved by subject, state, county, etc.
  • NEWSLETTERS Current issues on top shelf of Reference Cart located next to front desk
  • Maps & Index to collection
  • REGIONAL lISTINGS: New England (includes Mayflower Records, etc.) The South, The West, Foreign (includes various countries), etc.

Films: County records, mostly Missouri but a few out of state. LDS fiche; Boston transcript genealogy newspaper columns, June 6, 1896-April 30, 1941, also known as Boston evening transcript (Boston, Massachusetts) 682 microfiche, a collection of genealogical queries and answers clipped from the Boston Evening Transcript.


List of periodicals and newsletters may be found at  Note:  from the 2006 OGS Book List

  • Reference Cart
  • BOOKS shelved by topic, subject, states, counties, family histories.  Signs on shelves will identify the subjects. Don’t overlook the Genealogy or How-To section!
  • Opening the Ozarks:  First Families in Southwest Missouri 1835 – 1839,   a4 volume set
  • Roll of Honor Volumes 1-27 (alphabetical index to the places of interment of deceased Union Soldiers in the various States and territories)
  • Index to Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw (includes an alphabetical sequence of 600,000 names found in the great Encyclopedia)This is located under Research Aid – Church Records
  • County Histories
  • Early Newspaper abstracts
  • Periodicals from various locations in the state, etc.


REFERENCE CART, RESEARCH  AIDs,  How-Tos, Oversized books, other FINDING AIDS

            Use the current 6th edition The Genealogist Address Book to find Genealogical and Historical Societies in the areas where your ancestors  lived.   Go online to see if they have a website which would identify their holdings.  You then can follow up with emailing or telephoning for helps.

            Use the current American Library Association Directories to find libraries and their holdings in the areas where your family lived.  Check the internet for added details.

Use The National Yellow Book of Funeral Directors to locate funeral  homes in various locations.  Can often go to the web and learn more about whether they post obituaries and get help on where a person was buried.  Death certificates will often show a Funeral Home name or a cemetery where the deceased was buried.

SPECIAL  COLLECTIONS – 28 different Collections with informative materials in the indexes


DR. HALL’S ORIGINAL SCRAPBOOKS includes majority of genealogical items found near Springfield in the newspapers beginning in 1897 in our file cabinets and also helpful notebooks and indexes available on the files at the back southeast corner of the library room.  Scrapbooks currently being digitized by Springfield Greene Co. Library.

MILITARY – several federal reference texts located near the office door at south end of shelves. State and county Military records will be in the individual states.           

QUAKER Record References at OGS Library – at least 8 different books

PERSI BOOKS – includes index to periodicals beginning 1847 through 1997.  After this time the material is online. See our finding aid. 


GANDRID  COLLECTION – Alabama – Vols  1 - 245


MISSOURI MATERIALS outside of the Ozarks: