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Tracking Your Ancestors through Multiple Records: An Overview of the Genealogical Process

23 October 2021

1:30-5:30 pm (Central time zone)

In-person at the OGS Library or by Zoom

534 W. Catalpa, Springfield, MO

taught by Patti Hobbs, Certified Genealogist


This four-part workshop presents the big picture of genealogical research and will help the researcher understand strategies for locating information required for solving genealogical problems. 
  • Introduction: This session will discuss using paper and electronic resources for compiling and organizing genealogical research.
  • Part 1. An overview of the genealogical process: Create the skeleton of your family tree and then establish and flesh it out with records for specific times and locations. Analyzing sources and documenting your research and other general principles of genealogical research will also be discussed.
  • Part 2. Records by Location: Your ancestors will create most records in the places in which they lived. What kinds of records exist and how do you locate resources for ancestral locations?
  • Part 3. Records in Time: Some valuable records were created for specific purposes for limited time periods. An understanding of history and records available will determine which of your ancestors were likely to have created which records. 
Cost: This workshop is free but registration is required. This event will not be live-streamed to Facebook.