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Wednesday, January 17
Cherokee Princess or Indian Chief?  (Program)
10:00 am
The Library Center, Auditorium
Jami Lewis, Archivist with the Missouri State Historical Society, will discuss what and where to look when researching your family's "connection" to Native American Ancestry including evaluating family stories and DNA results.

Saturday, January 27
Orientation for new members  (Training)
4:15 pm
Orientation for new members of Ozarks Genealogical Society.  Please contact former President Rita Wallace if you have questions.

Monday, February 5
Planning Research Trip  (Research Trips)
5:30 pm
The Library Center Rooms A & B
Interested in Research Trip to Mid-West Genealogical Center, Independence, Missouri March 21 - 24.
Join Gail Mtichell to discuss the trip and make arrangements for transportation and housing.  

Monday, February 5
"Same God, Same Prayers, Same Bible"  (Program)
7:00 pm
The Library Center Auditorium
During the Civil War, both north and south claimed God was on their side. Senior Pastor John Marshall, Second Baptist Church, will discuss how our ancestors coped with their faith during these turbulent times. He will also discuss how war and faith connected and destroyed family relations.

Wednesday, February 21
Military Records and More on Fold 3  (Program)
10:00 am
The Library Center Auditorium
Fold 3 is an invaluable genealogical database primarily of U. S. military records which you can access from home with your Springfield Greene County Library Card.  Library staff member Patti Hobbs, a Certified Genealogist, will guide you through the treasures to be found on Fold 3. 

Monday, March 5
The Next Generation of Genealogy  (Program)
7:00 pm
The Library Center Rooms A & B
OGS member Rita Wallace will present another way to display your genealogy information on the Internet without others monetizing it for their profit.  This site-building software, The Next Generation, stores your information in a database and the pages are created on demand.  Interested?

Saturday, March 10
Maps and Migration  (Workshop)
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
to be announced
Presenters will be Margaret Maulin and Tom Hobbs
Details will be poasted 

Wednesday, March 21 through Saturday, March 24
Midwest Genealogy Center  (Research Trips)
Independence, Missouri
This research trip will include two days of research (Thursday & Friday)  at the Midwest Genealogical Center. Saturday can be a day of research or you can attend the Spring Seminar featuring Ruth Ann Hager and Patti Hobbs.  More details to be announced. See Midwest Genealogy Center website for more details on the Spring Seminar at  www.mymcpl.org/genealogy.

Wednesday, March 21
Woodrow Wilson and the Great War in Missouri  (Program)
10:00 am
The Library Center Auditorium
Woodrow Wilson was re-elected president in 1916 on the slogan "he kept us out of war" but just a few months later, he led the United States into World War I.  Local History Associate Michael Price will discuss Wilson's pivotal decision and how Missourians reacted to their nation entering the global conflict

Monday, April 2
GEDmatch: an invaluable Tool for Autosomal DNA Analysis  (Program)
7:00 pm
The Library Center Rooms A & B
All three DNA testing companies have some limitations.  GEDmatch provides a means to compare DNA with testers from other companies.  Not only does it enlarge the testing pool for comparison, it allows in-depth analysis of matching DNA segments to further possibilities for confirming or identifying unknown ancestors.  This program will provide a foundation for the GEDmatch hands-on workshop to be held April 7, 2018.  The presenter will be Patti Hobbs, Certified Genealogist.

Saturday, April 7
Part II GEDmatch an invaluable Tool for Autosomal DNA Analysis  (Workshop)
Ozarks Genealogical Society Library
There will be two four-hour hands-on workshops at the Ozarks Genealogical Society Library,  one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Registration for the classes is required. You must have received confirmation of DNA results and registered with GEDMatch to get the most out of this workshop. Your DNA results must be downloaded on your laptop.

Thursday, April 12
Spring Dinner  (Program)
5:30 pm
The Mansion at Elfindale
The Spring Dinner will be held at the Mansion at Elfindale.  Details will be updated as they are finalized  

Wednesday, April 18
Prohibition in Public Records  (Program)
1:00 am
The Library Center, Auditorium
Leslie James, field archivist with the Local Records Preservation Program of the Missouri Stae Archives will present this program using information from Circuit Court records and other public records from Southwest Missouri. The records from 1920 to 1933 relate to the ban on production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcohol. Connie Yen, director of the Greene County Archives, will speak on "Catching the Wave:  the Temperance Movement in the Ozarks."  She will illustrate the level of temperance activity in the Ozarks compared to the remainder of Missouri and place it in context of the national temperance movement.

Saturday, April 21
One Day Research Trip  (Research Trips)
9:00 am
Dade County Public Library, Greenfield, Missouri
OGS member Tom Hobbs will give us a tour of the Dade County Public Library and their genealogical records. There will be time for research, lunch, and more research. Members can carpool or travel on their own. 

Saturday, April 28
LDS Symposium  (Training)
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Church of Latter Day Saints, 1357 S. Ingram Mill, Springfield, Missouri

Monday, May 7
Organizing and Preserving Your Family's Papers  (Program)
The Library Center Auditorium
Need to know what to do with all of your photographs, letters, documents, scrapbooks, audio visual materials? Join archivist Erin Smither, State Historical Society of Missouri, Springfield Research Center, to learn how to preserve and maintain digital and physical content. This will include photographs, documents, audio, and audiovisual materials among others. Learn tips and tricks on how best to preserve your memories and information.

Wednesday, May 16
"Where's the Missus?"  (Program)
10:00 am
The Library Center Auditorium
Leslie Wyman, managing director of the White River Valley Historical Society History Museum,  will present a program focussing on different methods of locating maiden names, including a look at some unique household items that might provide clues.

Saturday, May 19
One Day Research Trip  (Research Trips)
9:00 am
White River Valley Historical Society History Museum, Forsyth, Missouri
Leslie Wyman will give a tour of the White River Valley Historical Society History Museum.  There will be time for research, lunch and more research. Members can carpool or drive on their own. 

Saturday, July 14
DEEDS  (Workshop)
9:00 am
location to be announced

Wednesday, August 1 through Saturday, August 4
Jefferson City, Columbia Missouri  (Research Trips)
Columbia, Missouri
The trip will include the MOSGA Conference in Columbia, Missouri