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OGS Library, 534 W. Catalpa, Springfield, Missouri

We are now recording our programs for later viewing by members only. To go to the recordings, log in following the "Members Only" menu link to the left. Once you are logged in, click on "OGS Events and Programs" to expand the sub-menu options. Click on "Programs (recordings)" to retrieve links to the videos. It can take up to two week for recordings to be uploaded and linked.


Welcome to the Ozarks Genealogical Society!

Founded in 1969, OGS has been the premier resource for genealogical research and learning opportunities for almost fifty years. Our members have access to the full spectrum of assistance such as annual research trips, monthly workshops, a fall conference featuring a nationally known speaker, and so much more.

The OGS library is notable for its collection of regional and county records covering southwest Missouri. You will find volumes of county vital records, county and regional histories, and bound periodicals and newsletters. There are numerous special collections of donated family research files. You can search over 160 indexed OGS publications of probate, census, cemetery and funeral home records from Greene County and surrounding areas. We have completely searchable files of all Greene County cemeteries, over one thousand pedigree charts submitted by members, and over 105 thousand Ozark's obituaries. Most importantly, you will find helpful volunteers to assist you in your searches.

OGS also offers numerous educational opportunities for our members and the general public. Whether it is our day and evening workshops, the informative newsletters or our annual conference, you will find an opportunity to share with and learn from other family researchers.

Please explore our web-site for more about the Ozarks Genealogical Society and the many resources and opportunities available to our members.

October 3
Scanning Genealogical Pictures and Documents
Do you have a treasure trove of pictures and documents stored away? Let's examine how you can digitize those treasures. John Carter will cover the basics of scanning (file type, scan resolution, etc.). He will ...
October 19
Searching for the Edwards Trace
Tracy Garrison, genealogist and surveyor for over thirty years, will discuss the work of amateur archaeologists, local historians, and surveyors to document the Edwards Trace in Illinois. The Edwards Trace was used first by ...
November 7
Access to the 1950 Census
National enumerations beginning in 1790 were done every ten years to determine the population of the country. For privacy reasons, they are released to the public 72 years after the census date. This year the ...
November 16
OGS Memorial Service
Honoring our OGS families with a memorial service.           Attendance Options in person at The Library Center Members will receive a Zoom link
December 21
Holiday Food Traditions from Around the World
Description:  Which country’s ancestors had the best holiday recipes? Are they still popular today? We will explore the origins of holiday foods from various countries. If you have a family favorite recipe, bring copies ...